Reset, Redefine, Rebuild

Reset, Redefine, Rebuild

For at least the next 29 days, we’ve been asked to practice social distancing. 

While this is not exactly easy, because let’s face it learning to work from home while homeschooling your children and keeping them inside, away from others and out of the pantry, and trying to clean up the mess that is made when an entire household is living inside together 24 hours a day is hard.  Or maybe it’s hard for the opposite reason, you are social butterfly who misses your friends, your social connections, and the quiet that surrounds you at home is daunting. Instead of looking at the calendar and thinking about how many days we have left before our normal lives resume and we can go to Target or the movies, or to dinner with friends or to our kids baseball game, let’s look at this time as a chance to pause and maybe hit the reset button. This down time is giving us a chance to rethink, redo, refine, remember, and rebuild … if we take the time to realize it….  

A chance to rethink …. the things we thought were important and the things we thought we needed. Rethink the value we place on people, places and things. Rethink our relationships with the world around us. 

A chance to redo … the moments we got wrong, and get them right and to Relive the moments we got right – because they were so wonderful. 

A chance to redefine … time and how we spend it both with ourselves and with others.

A chance to remember … that life is bigger than ourselves, our narratives and our journeys. Remember all of those on the frontline working hard to fight this pandemic and help the world evolve from this moment. Remember all the things, places and people we took for granted before. Remember that life is full of good times and bad and the way we approach both are what define us. 

A chance to rebuild … the lives we set out to lead many years ago. Rebuild the relationships we let go astray as life seemed to get in the way. Rebuild ourselves, into the people we dreamed of growing up to be. Rebuild the dreams we let slip away. Rebuild the trust we once had in ourselves, in others, in the world. Rebuild the solid foundation on which we stand each day so its sturdy enough for us once again to be brave enough to go and grow and live and love and experience all that life has to offer. 

A chance to realize… what we want our life to look like after this pandemic ends, and a chance to be brave and make our lives that very thing.