Joy In The Journey

Joy In The Journey

As endurance athletes, we often set our sights on big moments, epic adventures, and long-term goals. We tend to finish our first 5K run and then set our sights on a half and then a full marathon. We tend to go from our first triathlon to looking for that epic Ironman finish. The journey from our first steps to those really big moments is what keeps so many of us showing up to our workouts, to races, etc. It keeps motivating us and pushing us to stay healthy and active. 

Right now a lot of those journeys are on hold. So many big races have been postponed or cancelled and as endurance athletes, we are all probably struggling with that. We want to know if/when our races will happen, if/when we can start really training again etc. However, instead of waiting anxiously for an update or a new plan to focus on, why not take a deep breath and remember what it was like when you first got into endurance sports. What was your first run like, you first race? What was the reason you started this journey to begin with? What was/is your WHY?

While your journey is somewhat on hold for now, there are lots of people starting their fitness journey. With the stay at home order in place, a lot more people are out walking, riding bikes, jogging etc.  If you have neighbors or friends who are getting active for the first time, take this down time to encourage them – from a safe distance  – and maybe challenge them to turn this into a healthy lifestyle change.  There is a lot of joy in bringing new people into the fitness lifestyle you enjoy and watching them take on and complete fun new fitness challenges. 

So during this great time-out, instead of stressing about the changes its causing to your fitness journey, try to remember how great it was when you first started your fitness journey. Refocus on your WHY – the reason you got into all of this to begin with and share that with someone in your life to encourage them to find their own fitness journey – no matter how big or small. 

We are all in this together … so let’s try to find joy in this new journey, and share it with others.